In 2023/2024 the villages and residents of De Wolden (The Woods) in the north east of NL, celebrate art & culture as Culturele Gemeente of Drenthe. Together with local Stichting Born Digital, Southern Forest / Club SF responded to the call for proposals titled: The Future of the Flat Land (better read in Dutch as De Toekomst van het Platteland).. This gave rise to the media art program titled Future Sound of Southern Forest, spawning a variety of cultural events and creative activities in springtime this year, as part of Wiede Wold Streekprogramma
Kicking off on may 10th FSOSF starts with a Visual Music Lab, inviting artists and musicians to participate in an informal co-creation project at the brand new Wolderhuus Theatre. Read more.. 🕮
Next up is a special contribution to Crisis Cross Festival in collaboration with Born Digital & Studio de Maan. More soon tba.
Finally the Future Sound of Southern Forest project is presented as a live & audiovisual showcase of these endeavours at Wolderhuus Midsummer Festival. More soon tba.

Kindly supported by Gemeente de Wolden & Stichting Reco.
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